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What is Vaginal Rejuvenation at ShanthalaMD?

The Vaginal Rejuvenation at ShanthalaMD is a non-surgical approach to restore the healthy tissue in both internal and external female genital areas without undergoing anesthesia and surgery.

We use both energy-based device like CO2RE INTIMA Laser and Platelet Rich Plasma injection to restore the vaginal health.

These non invasive vaginal procedures help with restoring lubrication, vaginal sensation, vaginal tightening, treat incontinence, Relives pain during sex, improves orgasm and Lichen Sclerosis.

Why should one consider Vaginal Rejuvenation or Vaginal Tightening?

Aging, trauma, menopause, hormonal disorders, breast cancer, medications, and childbirth can cause

  • a poor vaginal tone,
  • damages to the vaginal support tissue,
  • atrophy of the vulvar and vaginal tissue,
  • painful sex or Dyspareunia
  • urinary incontinence,
  • lack of lubrication,
  • loss of sensation and
  • loss of sexual satisfaction;
  • all of these can lead to both physiological, psychological and social issues in women.

Remodeling of the vulvovaginal tissue or vaginal rejuvenation can be achieved with both surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Can you get Vaginal Rejuvenation without Labioplasty?

Yes. The combination of noninvasive aesthetic vaginal rejuvenation techniques such as lasers, Radio Frequency, O-Shot and Fillers and Fat are shown to help with vaginal rejuvenation.

What is the recovery time after Vaginal Rejuvenation?

In general, there is no downtime after a vaginal rejuvenation procedure.


CO2RE INTIMA laser fractional resurfacing is a new novel nonsurgical treatment for the genital syndrome of menopause, vulvovaginal atrophy, and stress urinary incontinence.

How do CO2RE INTIMA works?

The CO2 laser increases collagen and growth factors that contribute to the restoration of a healthy vagina. Increased collagen is going to offer better mechanical support. The inner layer of the vaginal mucosa thickens to restore the healthy pattern.

The laser also helps with improved blood circulation and the bacterial flora in the vaginal canal.

Relieves signs of childbirth and aging

  • Treats dryness, itching, and pain
  • Restores vaginal tone, flexibility, and shape
  • Helps you feel confident to be intimate again
  • Helps with Stress urinary incontinence
  • 92% satisfaction rate
  • The procedure is performed by Dr. Shanthala

What is The o-shot procedure with PRP?

  • The O-Shot procedure offers great promise for vaginal rejuvenation
  • PRP or platelet-rich plasma therapy, based on regenerative medicine principles is shown to stimulate new collagen synthesis, new vasculature, and upregulating cytokines with the release of multiple growth factors.

It is shown to improve

  • The BEST treatment for LICHEN SCLEROSIS.
  • Activate the female orgasm system
  • The appearance of labia majora, labia minora, and vulvar area.
  • Decreases vulvovaginal dryness
  • Improves incontinence, improves sensation
  • ber and more frequent orgasm
  • Decreased pain or dyspareunia or painful sex
  • Increased desire and natural lubrication
  • sequelae of radiotherapy
  • Treats Sequelae of surgery like episiotomy, fissures, scars
  • Dr. Shanthala is been certified and trained by Dr. Runnels to do all the Vampire procedures such as O-Shot, P-Shot, Vampire Facelift, Vampire Wing lift.

Why combine both CO2RE INTIMA and O-SHOT procedure together?

Dr.shanthala combines both CO2RE INTIMA and O-SHOT on the same day to enhance the results and reduce the downtime. Speak with her today for further questions about the advantages of combination treatment.

Regardless of age, women can experience changes in vaginal wellness or appearance that can affect the quality of life in unexpected ways, leading to unpleasant symptoms.

Loss of vaginal tone can be a side effect of natural childbirth and aging. Over time, the vaginal wall, which contains collagen fibers, can stretch and lose tissue tone and elasticity can cause leaking urine when sneezing or coughing.

Women may experience unwanted pigmentary changes in the vulvar area. Painful intercourse, itching or burning in the genital area can occur as we age. Reduced estrogen levels can lead to a loss of vaginal lubrication.

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