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Are you seeking to rejuvenate your skin from within? Dr. Shanthala at ShanthalaMD offers UltraClear® laser treatments aimed at stimulating collagen production and elastin synthesis, fostering vibrant, youthful skin.

Comfortable Treatments for Your Ease
Worried about discomfort during UltraClear® Laser Treatment? At ShanthalaMD, our 3DMIRACLTM technology ensures minimal discomfort, scoring below 3 out of 10 on the pain scale. Unlike other methods that might register 6 or higher, UltraClear® is renowned for being one of the most comfortable facial rejuvenation solutions available.

Tailored Downtime for Your Lifestyle
Concerned about downtime after treatment? UltraClear® at ShanthalaMD offers personalized options fitting your goals and lifestyle. Opt for our lunchtime 3DMIRACL treatment for a refreshed complexion with minimal disruption. Experience mild redness and swelling easily managed with makeup, allowing you to return to your routine the next day. For deeper concerns like wrinkles or acne scars, a more intensive treatment might require about 3 days of downtime for remarkable improvements.

Long-Lasting Results Guided by Expertise
Curious about how long treatment results last? Under Dr. Shanthala’s care, our lunchtime 3DMIRACL option showcases visible improvement within 2 to 5 days, lasting several months. With more intensive treatments, witness ongoing enhancements for 6 months to a year, maintaining results for 1 to 3 years. Dr. Shanthala’s expertise ensures personalized guidance for maintaining youthful, healthy skin.

Safe Solutions Across Diverse Skin Types
Worried if UltraClear® is safe for your skin type? At ShanthalaMD, utilizing cold fiber laser technology and precise energy control, UltraClear® ensures safety for all skin types, even those previously considered high-risk. This approach minimizes thermal damage, sidestepping common side effects seen with other energy-based treatments, ensuring effectiveness and safety for diverse skin tones.

Discover Innovative Solutions
Ever wondered about 3DMIRACL or Laser Coring? 3DMIRACLTM, led by Dr. Shanthala, offers exceptional outcomes with minimal downtime, tailored to individual needs. Laser Coring, a cutting-edge mode, targets gravity’s effects and aging, restoring natural contours in just 30 minutes. Under Dr. Shanthala’s expertise, this innovative technique creates microscopic channels for dramatic collagen contraction, visible in about 2-3 months as new cells and fibers regenerate.

UltraClear® Pre-Treatment Information:

1.What is UltraClear®?
UltraClear® employs cutting-edge fiber laser technology for skin rejuvenation, targeting concerns like sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars. It offers precise, quicker treatments without excessive heating, ensuring safety for various skin tones.

2.What is 3DMIRACLTM?
3DMIRACLTM, performed using the UltraClear® device, treats the superficial skin layer, triggering natural exfoliation. Often done in a series, even a single treatment can yield noticeable changes.

3.Am I a 3DMIRACLTM Candidate?
UltraClear® suits most individuals seeking skin rejuvenation, addressing various concerns across different skin types. Consult your provider to assess suitability based on your health history and treatment goals.

4.How many UltraClear® Treatments will I need?
The number of treatments varies based on goals. Your provider might suggest a series of 3DMIRACL sessions or a combination approach utilizing multiple UltraClear modes.

5.How much does a 3DMIRACLTM treatment cost?
The cost of treatment is based on the area and the skin conditions treated.

6.How much does an UltraClear® treatment cost?
Prices vary due to combination of different modalities based on the skin conditions and the area of treated.

Treatment Preparation + Day Details:

7. How should I prep my skin for UltraClearTM?
Avoid sun exposure 3-4 weeks before and after treatment and discontinue exfoliating products a week prior. Keep skin hydrated and protected with SPF 30+ daily.

8.What can I expect during UltraClearTM treatment?

Minimal discomfort is reported (1-3 on a 1-10 scale). No topical anesthetics are often needed, saving time and reducing potential skin irritation.

9.How long does an UltraClear® treatment take?
Without numbing cream, expect an average treatment time of 10-15 minutes—a lunchtime option.

10.What can I expect after an UltraClear® treatment?
Skin responses vary. Post-treatment, expect slight warmth or, for deeper modes, 2-3 days of social downtime, with instructions for proper aftercare.

Post-Treatment Guidance:

Follow post-treatment care instructions, including cleansing, hydration, SPF usage, and avoiding certain activities for optimal healing.

Expected Side Effects of UltraClear Laser:

The side effects of Ultraclear are more common in people who do not follow the strict post care protocols. Avoiding the sun is critical and follow strict skin care routine. For example if you decide to walk your dog for an hour every day after the ultraclear laser you will end up with post laser hyperpigmentation. If you don’t use physical sun block, not wearing huge wide brim hat and continue to hit the beach you are going to have post laser complications. Our patients feel its worth the minimal side effects compared to the results from laser coring. Laser coring and aggressive modes can have minimal 4 to 5 days of downtime. 

Post-treatment effects might include redness, swelling, tingling, and sensitivity. The skin gradually peels, leading to improved texture and tone over weeks to months.


Certain health conditions and medications might restrict treatment. Always consult your provider for an assessment and proper guidance.

Cautions + Considerations:

For areas with prior injections or fillers, a waiting period might apply before treatment.

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