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What is PDO Thread Lifting in Peabody | Boston, MA

PDO Thread Lift by Dr. Shanthala

Non surgical face lift

A PDO Thread lifting is a non-surgical procedure to tighten and reposition the sagging skin which is performed by Dr. Shanthala

We use several different types of PDO threads such as Nova threads, Euro threads, and Mint threads.

Nova Threads and Mint threads— are absorbable sutures inserted into the skin with a pre-loaded needle or a cannula at the subdermal level.  They are mostly used as a suspension device rather than lifting by repositioning the herniated fat. The PDO threads will be absorbed in 4-6 months. During this time, the body will react to the foreign body and stimulate collagen synthesis. The new collagen structures formed will hold for another 12-15 months!

What areas can be treated by Mint threads or Nova Threads?

Although PDO threads can be inserted almost anywhere, one area where they are especially effective is the neck and jawline. The lower third of the face is challenging to treat effectively with botulinum toxin or injectable fillers, which are most effective in the upper and middle third of the face, respectively. The threads can be placed in the abdomen, lower or upper extremities for sagging skin.

What are Nova Threads or Mint Threads?

They are hypodermic needles/ cannulas which are preloaded with PDO absorbable suture.

The PDO threads are an excellent choices for a variety of skin conditions such as wrinkles, sagging, scars, large pores, stretch marks, and cellulite.

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Thread lift

PDO thread lifting by Dr. Shanthala

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