How is BOTOX® Injection Different at Shanthala MD?

BOTOX®  injection is the number #1 cosmetic Prejuvenation procedure performed in the world. These neurotoxins can be injected to upper face, lower face, neck, chest, excessive sweating, masseter hypertrophy, and more. Dr. Shanthala is an expert injector with a great depth of knowledge and experience about the anatomy of facial muscles and injection techniques.

Q: What are the conditions or ways in which Botox can be used at Shanthala MD?

A: At Shanthala MD, Botox is skillfully utilized to rejuvenate and enhance your appearance with a range of targeted treatments. Whether you’re seeking to soften aging lines and wrinkles across your face, elevate and shape your brows, or smooth out specific areas like the forehead, bunny lines, or neck lines, our expertly administered injections offer tailored solutions. Botox can also effectively reduce nasal flaring, refine the contours of your lower face, and address a canine smile, providing a more relaxed and youthful expression. Each treatment is designed to meet your unique needs, ensuring natural-looking and graceful results.

Dr. Shanthala also uses Botox injection for treating scars, enlarged pores, oily skin and Rosacea. She uses special injection techniques to treat several skin conditions along with treating lines and wrinkles. Treatment of lower face with Neurotoxins require vast experience. At ShanthalaMD all patients who come in for Botox® are thoroughly evaluated and consulted by our physician.  A Board Certified physician performs all injections in a highly sterile fashion. We treat both men and women.

Is it Okay to get BOTOX® Before You Start Seeing Wrinkles?

The wrinkles are created due to repeated contractions of the muscles while making facial expressions. Botox® can prevent the formation of these wrinkles, therefore many young adults are getting Botox® at an early age.

Note that Botox injection may not be the best choice if you have heavy eyelids, lid ptosis, or eyebrow ptosis. 

If you look sad due to down turning of the oral commissures, Botox® injection into the DAO muscle can help you look relaxed.

Platysma bands or Neck Bands in the neck are treated with Botox® to get a flawless smooth neck.

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What is BOTOX®?

BOTOX® is an onabotulinumtoxinA, neurotoxin because it causes temporary muscle relaxation. It all starts with a nerve telling a muscle to contract. This causes the overlying skin to scrunch up. With time and repeated contractions, the skin begins to thin at certain points and a wrinkle is born.

How long it takes for BOTOX® to work?

Typically it takes 3 to 10 days to see the full effect.

Does it hurt?

Botox® injection is performed with very tiny needles. If you are very scared of needles, the doctor can numb the area. We can use cold ice packs or a small ultrasonic device to reduce the pain.

Does BOTOX® injection cause bruising?

The risk of bruising is higher in someone with a history of bleeding disorder. If you are on a blood thinner then you are high risk for bruising. Some areas of the face have more veins and capillaries, hence can cause small bruising.

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What other areas can you use BOTOX® injection?

Dr. Shanthala uses Botox injections for several skin conditions such as excessive sweating or Hyperhidrosis. It can be injected into sweaty armpits in the axilla, palms and feet area to prevent excessive sweating.

BOTOX® can be injected into the neck area for platysma bands and necklace lines. It can also be used for both upper and lower face areas to treat wrinkled or puckered chin, “resting b*tch face” Platysma bands, horizontal neck lines, the most popular Lip flip. Lip Flip is very popular as an alternative for lip fillers. 

Botox is excellent for Masseter muscle  hypertrophy clenching or excessive grinding. 




What are the side effects of BOTOX®?

BOTOX® is safe but it can cause very rare side effects such as a headache, drooping of an eyebrow or an eyelid, difficulty swallowing and blurry vision.

What about BOTOX® for male patients?

Yes, our physician performs all injectables for male patients including BOTOX®.

Dr. Shanthala will give her honest opinion if you are the right candidate for BOTOX®.

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Can you get BOTOX® after the age of 65?

The lines and wrinkles are due to repeated contraction of the muscles and loss of collagen due to sun damage and aging.

Get a consultation with Dr. Shanthala today to see if you are a good candidate for BOTOX®.

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Dr. Shanthala Shivananjappa MD

Dr. Shanthala is a board-certified, Harvard trained anesthesiologist, assistant professor at Yale University, and staff at Massachusetts General Hospital prior to opening her cosmetic medicine clinic. Her extensive experience working with plastic surgical patients in the operating room for more than 25 years, paired with years of training in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, has enabled Dr. Shanthala to have a unique perspective on Anti-aging treatments.

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