Can you treat Vertical lip lines with lip flip?

The answer is no. Vertical lip lines, stemming from repeated muscle contractions around the lips due to various activities like smoking, using straws, whistling, or certain music-related professions involving lip movements, cannot be treated solely with a lip flip. These lines often worsen due to sun damage and aging.

While the lip flip procedure, utilizing neuromodulators, can temporarily relax the muscles around the lips and reduce the prominence of these lines, it’s crucial to understand that a lip flip doesn’t provide a permanent solution for vertical lip lines.

Preventative measures, such as consciously avoiding specific facial expressions, are essential in minimizing the formation of these lines.

When vertical lines coincide with signs of aging like volume loss and reduced collagen, a combination of treatments becomes necessary. Procedures like ULTHERAPY, RF MICRONEEDLING, CO2RE  laser, and 1550 FRAX PRO LASER stimulate collagen synthesis, while dermal fillers can fill wrinkles and stimulate bioactivity.

Please DO NOT get #sculptra or #bellafill or #radiesse for the

upper lip because it will cause nodules.

Additionally, treating horizontal upper lip lines will be discussed in another post.

By considering a combination of treatments like neuromodulators, fillers, bio-stimulators, and heat-based procedures alongside the use of #exosome creams post-laser procedures, effective remodeling of these lines can be achieved.
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