Finding Balance

An article by Michelle Morrissette Cucchiaro

Life really is a journey, isn’t it? It’s an amazing collection of gains and losses, successes and failures, struggles and triumphs and what I believe to be most important, lessons and personal growth. I love it all, every last bit of it! You can’t have one without the other, it’s life’s balance.

As I approach 50, I am, more than ever, introspective. Everything seems to be about reflection, self awareness, and betterment. I want to be the best possible Me I can be both inside and out. I want to associate with only the most genuine of people, spend my time doing only the most worthy of activities and have a life rich with meaning. I want to fill my space with charity, kindness and warmth and in the end, happiness. I want to feel good about Me.

While my own personal journey has become more focused, it’s not been without struggle. The last two years have been tremendously challenging for me. While I intentionally choose not to elaborate on the battle, or focus on it, it’s important to mention as it’s all part of the balance. The gain/loss, success/failure, struggle/triumph. I’m growing so I must be doing something right!! I’m happy despite the struggle, or maybe because of it, the jury is still out on that one.

I may be at peace with who I am on the inside but 50 years of this “balancing act” will naturally take it’s toll. I don’t consider myself to be vain but I do like to look my best and when I look in the mirror I see tired. I see scars of a childhood illness and scars of teenage acne. I see damage from baking in the sun when I was in my foolish 20’s. I see lines from the pitiful smoking habit that I continue with to this day. I feel fresh and new on the inside but the outside just doesn’t match. It’s time to see Shanthala.

I’ve seen Shanthala ( before and I’ve even written about her. Dr. Shanthala is a wonderful friend and physician of all things aesthetic. The beauty of Shanthala is in her ability to nurture her patients, her ability to nurture me and that’s what I need. I take care of everyone in my life and for the time I spend with Shanthala, she takes care of me. She really is a love. Most importantly I trust her skill and judgement. She would never give me something I didn’t need. That is to say, if I requested some sort of procedure and/or an injection of some kind, she would not do it if she did not feel that I would benefit from it. It speaks volumes about her integrity and well meaning spirit.

I will see Shanthala and I will share my wonderful experiences with you. Join me on yet another journey of self care.
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