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4 Fast Facts About Botox

With the world of aesthetic medicine growing more and more popular every day, Botox reigns supreme amongst rival treatments as a favorite amongst patients and physicians alike. In fact, Botox has become so popular that nearly 50% of all cosmetic enhancement treatments across the US, involve Botox injections in one way or another. As the top specialist for Botox Boston has to offer, Dr. Shanthala of Shanthala MD Medspa and Laser Center, most common uses Botox for its most popular use – the treatment of facial wrinkles and signs of aging. Most often, the major use of Botox is used as a cosmetic treatment to temporarily alleviate wrinkles using its main active ingredient, a neurotoxin known as the botulinum toxin-A, a product of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.This is the same neurotoxin that is responsible for causing botulism, a condition in which individuals experience temporary paralysis in their muscles. According to Dr. Shanthala, the top specialist for Botox Boston patients trust, while this might seem to be scary, when used by a well-trained professional, Botox is actually completely safe and has a long record of amazing results. And despite how popular Botox has become, for its amazing results, many are still relatively uneducated on the treatment and all of its amazing uses. Here are some of the most interesting facts to know about Botox.

· Clostridium Botulinum

The active ingredient within Botox is the botulinum toxin-A, a neurotoxin derived from Clostridium botulinum. Clostridium botulinum is a bacterial organism that’s found throughout nature. The interesting thing is that when found in nature, it is completely inactive and non-toxic to living things. However, once it is collected and used for a Botox treatment, it is turned into its active form where it is used as a paralytic to prevent our facial muscles from contracting.

· How Botox Works

The Botulinum toxin is used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by paralyzing the underlying muscles and preventing them from making their normal contractions. According to Dr. Shanthala, the top specialist for Botox Boston has practicing, often, as we age and our skin loses its vital skincare proteins such as collagen, it is without its natural defenses and its regenerative qualities. Without this vital protein, it loses vital volume, and is far more susceptible to not only environmental effects, but other issues as well. When we smile or express emotions, the muscles in our face will contract in a way to make these movements – whether they be a smile, a frown or a face of confusion. When this occurs, and coupled with a lack of volume and collagen, our skin is far more susceptible to developing creases due to these expressions over time. By stopping these contractions, temporarily, Botox allows our skin to heal and gives our skin time to recover – smoothing itself out and reducing the presence of wrinkles and lines.

· Other Uses

While Botox might be the number one cosmetic treatment in the world, especially in the treatment of wrinkles and fine lines, there are a number of other amazing uses as well! Using the same action of temporarily paralyzing muscles and nerves, Botox is able to treat issues like excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), migraines, bladder or bowel issues, muscular disorders, and more!

· Botox is Safe and Effective

No matter what you might have heard, how Botox will ruin your face or leave you without the ability to express yourself – this simply isn’t true! Sure, when administered by an untrained, non-medical professional, Botox can certainly cause issues and many side effects – especially when you overuse it! Some of the scarier statistics in fact are that the actual botulinum toxin itself is quite dangerous (of course it is far different from what is actually inside your Botox injection), in fact approximately 2kg of the toxin is all it would take to wipe out the entire world’s population! Luckily for us in the aesthetic medicine world, Botox is nowhere near as potent, and it is one of the safest and most effective cosmetic treatments around today!

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