Acne Scars Treatment Boston – Laser & Aesthetics Treatment 

Explore the transformative  acne scar treatments at Shanthala MD, where our signature  protocol offers a unique approach to scar resolution. Our comprehensive strategy encompasses  Subcision, various energy-based treatments, including lasers, radiofrequency Microneedling, and harmonious combinations with biostimulators and fillers. To further enhance results, regenerative aesthetics technologies like EXOSOMES and platelet plasma are seamlessly integrated. 

At Shanthala MD, we prioritize a thorough evaluation and discussion of treatment plans with each patient. Our commitment extends to a recommended treatment duration of one to two years, allowing patients to witness substantial improvement in acne scars. Transparent communication is fundamental, ensuring that all aspects, including potential outcomes and considerations, are clarified beforehand. Trust Shanthala MD for an effective journey toward resolving acne scars with the specialized Acne scar treatment protocol.

Acne Scar remodeling
Acne Scar combination therapy by Dr. Shanthala


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