CO2RE INTIMA and O-SHOT helps with Painful Sex after Menopause

How can you treat painful sex with CO2RE INTIMA?

Menopause comes with many issues and one of them is dryness due to vaginal atrophy from lack of estrogen leading to painful sex. Relationships can be disturbed due to natural aging changes in women, now there is a solution for many of these without surgery.

CO2RE INTIMA  is an in-office simple laser procedure without anesthesia, O-SHOT is an injection of your very own plasma into the vaginal canal without any PAIN can remodel the vaginal wall and improves the lubrication and sensation can help painful sex.


No more painful sex after CO2RE INTIMA and O-SHOT
INTIMA and O-SHOT for painful sex after menopause

Read here about one of the happy patients who share her story.

No More Painful Sex After Menopause




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