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The Secret to Preventative Botox

When it comes to Botox, it seems that more and more patients every year are considering this already super-popular procedure. And while the numbers are continually on the rise each and every year, Botox has already become the number one most requested aesthetic enhancement procedure available today – accounting for a staggering 50% of all treatments performed each and every year. At Shanthala MD Medspa, know to be the best practice for Botox Boston has to offer, they have used Botox to help patients treat a variety of different issues, ranging from conventional facial wrinkles, to hyperhidrosis, or over-sweating issues. And while most people still favor the most conventional uses for Botox Boston patients around the city have found a new and quite unique method of using Botox, as a preventative method more so than a reactive method. When most of us think of Botox, we imagine an older, rich woman in her 40’s or 50’s, with a face that’s unnaturally smooth for her age – without an ounce of the wear and tear a woman of her age should be exhibiting. However, in recent years more and more women in their 20’s are having Botox done than ever before – most notably to be used as a preventative measure against future wrinkles! Learn more about how this trend has taken over the segment of 20-something, aesthetics patients.

The trend was something that many women feel began from young women who, themselves, worked at medical spas and dermatologists’ offices. They would see what looked like the tiniest of wrinkles between their eyebrows or along their foreheads and would do whatever they could to alleviate the issue using a tiny shot of what many women like to refer to as “baby Botox”. Often this was done simply as an experiment, as whatever wrinkle they might have had was yet to have even fully developed. And to their delight, not only was the tiny wrinkle no longer there, their forehead seemed to be almost impervious to wrinkles or any types of unappealing marks whatsoever. And as these women had told others and posted videos about their success, other 20-somethings decided to follow suit. The one important thing about Botox Boston women found that they needed to combat was the stigma behind Botox, as it was something that would leave women with an overly done look and a clearly enhanced appearance. However, while this has been a common media stereotype for certain women who use Botox, it is in fact not the case at all. Many women have also assumed that because those women who do end up with this overly done look, are those who have used Botox in excess and what better way to end up using it in excess than to start using it by the time you are in your in your 20’s? However, as we have learned, this is not the case at all.

The interesting thing about most women who have come to try Botox before the age of 30 is that they end up being educated consumers. Considering that these women are essentially using Botox not out of a necessity, but rather a luxury, they become more likely to be casual users of the product, rather than those women who end up addicted to it. Another reason why this is the case, is the financial aspects of it. In most of the stereotypical imagery surrounding Botox users, the women are most often quite rich, however, for the most part, women in their early to mid or even late 20’s are still usually not all the way set financially, and are still building up their lives. And, thus, simply can’t afford to get Botox Boston done every other week or pay a doctor to send them bottles to the house every few weeks. If you have questions about using Botox as a preventative measure, towards not having future wrinkles, find out how by contacting Shanthala MD Medspa & Laser Center.

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