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The O-Shot for Vaginal Rejuvenation


What is the O-Shot? How Does it Work?

The Orgasm Shot, as it is also called, has slowly become one of the most widely requested vaginal rejuvenation treatment methods around today! The procedure doesn’t require any foreign drugs or medications, it actually uses PRP technology, platelet rich plasma, which essentially uses the body’s own blood platelets to and growth factors to stimulate stem cells in the area to rejuvenate the damaged tissue cells in the area. Over time, and as we age, our cells begin to breakdown, and can no longer regenerate at a fast enough rate to keep up with that breakdown, therefore leading to issues such as a loss of function in certain cells. According to Boston’s top vaginal rejuvenation specialist, Dr. Shanthala, this breakdown of functional cells will often cause women to lose sensitivity within the clitoris and the vaginal walls. When this PRP is delivered to these areas, over time, the blood platelets stimulate the localized stem cells by releasing special proteins and growth factors. By doing this, it drastically increases the rate of cellular regeneration – over time, as these cells rejuvenate, the new cells will take the place of the older, dead or damaged cells. And in doing so, these new cells are able to increase sensitivity and function normally, as they did in the patient’s youth.

The PRP solution used for the O-shot is similar to any other PRP formulation, and doesn’t require the use of any foreign substances or chemicals. Blood is simply drawn from the patient, spun around in a centrifuge, and the platelet rich plasma is separated out and injected back into the treatment area – in this case, the vagina, clitoris and surrounding tissue(s).


Dr. Shanthala has achieved amazing results using the O-shot, helping women of all ages suffering from some form of incontinence or sexual dysfunction, improve their quality of life, especially in the bedroom. However, it should be noted that like all other PRP treatments, the degree of effectiveness will definitely vary somewhat, patient to patient. While some patients may have experienced amazing changes and drastic improvement after only one or two sessions, others have reported only mild changes, but have also noticed improvements after their follow ups. The shot will generally provide results which last anywhere from 6 months up to as much as 2 years, and it is advised that you get a follow up shot 6 months after your initial treatment. For more information on the O-shot, or to book your own vaginal rejuvenation consultation contact Dr. Shanthala today.

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