Dr. Shanthala Shivananjappa

Dr. Shanthala Shivananjappa is an extremely talented and invested physician who specializes in Coolsculpting, laser resurfacing, injectables, vaginal rejuvenation, Ultherapy, and more. She has been practicing medicine for over twenty years, having been trained at Harvard, Yale, and by some of the best dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the country. Her extensive knowledge of medicine, paired with years of training in aesthetic procedures, have enabled Dr. Shanthala to provide her patients with an unrivalled care. But in addition to expertise, Dr. Shanthala offers her patients something more: compassion. Every individual who walks through her door is treated more as a friend than as a potential client. She takes the time to listen to, understand, and explain the procedures to all of her patients because she believes that a healthy, trusting relationship between doctor and patient is just as important as the outcome of the procedure itself.

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At ShanthalaMD, we strive to inspire confidence in each client by providing state-of-the-art, person-centered aesthetic care using advanced non-surgical technology in a family-friendly environment.

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